Välkommen, Velkommen, Tervetuloa 
Welcome To Scandaffären

You’ll notice the many ways we greet you at Scandaffären. First our name, a play on some Scandinavian words- “Scand” as an abbreviation of Scandinavia and “affären” literally means “the store” in Swedish, or perhaps “the affair”. Välkommen is Swedish for welcome, Velkommen is Danish and Norwegian (though pronounced differently) and Tervetuloa is welcome in Finnish.

Our goal is to bring to you the best of Scandinavia, so we searched for special home goods and gifts made in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, then added Finland; though not a part of Scandinavia, Finland shares many of the same traditional crafts along with wonderful modern, cutting edge designs that we feel should be made available to our customers. We look forward to finding even more wonderful home goods made in Scandinavia and Finland.

On our website and in our store you will find the favorite confectionaries of Scandinavia (otherwise known as godis, konfekter, slik or kakki) and other staples, Art Glass and fine Ceramics, quality Textiles for the home and Metalware (soon to come).

Whether you are purchasing a gift, decorating your home or satisfying your sweet cravings, we hope you find us to be the best shopping experience on the web and in our store located at .

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