Art Glass

Mats Jonasson and the other artists at the Målerås Glasbruk are producing the most amazing lead crystal designs available: carvings, jewelry, masks, tableware, so many perfect items to decorate your home and yourself. Their attention to detail transports you to the Savannahs of Africa, the American Wild West or to their home in the Northern Countries. Along with traditional themes they expand to an almost avant garde approach with masks and symbols, always returning to their Scandinavian roots.

Orrefors and Kosta Boda are master glass-makers of fine tableware and art glass. These award-winning companies have been producing the best household glass items for well over 100 years. Art and crystal glass for everyday use has been produced under the brand of Orrefors. At the glassworks in Kosta, their skilled glassworkers are joined by several of Sweden’s most prestigious designers in developing design, craftsmanship and new techniques. Check back in a few weeks as we will be adding many of their designs