Gustavbergs Porslinsfabrik has been designing and making ceramic and porcelain household goods since 1825. Directly after graduation (1937) went Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory and asked about getting a summer job. The plant went bad and then head Hjalmar Olson, could not even promise a summer intern position, whereupon the confident young Lindberg replied: “If you hire me I will make sure it gets a job at the factory”. He was only 21 but this began a long and storied career with Gustavbergs. We are happy to offer some of his designs and others from the now employee owned factory. Please check back soon as their products are on their way to us now!

Rörstrand was the first ceramic factory developed in Sweden and the third in Europe in 1726. Although the Swedish factory closed in 2005, the exquisite and popular designs are still available through Iittala of Finland. We are able to offer two of the most popular designs- Mon Amie and Swedish Grace.