First Month, Devon Horse Show and a Website!

Photodebut1Devon Fall Classic booth (Debut 1)

Even though I only posted the first blog a week ago, we’ve actually been doing business for over a month. The website was up and running just in time for our first event. The Devon horse Show and Country Fair graciously invited us to fill an empty booth of the Devon Fall Classic. It was a great debut weekend in mid-September. We met many wonderful people, both other vendors and our first customers! Some of the vendors encouraged us to contact Dressage at Devon to see if there might be a booth available there also. So, after cleaning up after the Fall Classic I did just that and a booth had become available, so a week and a half later we opened for ‘debut 2’! Dressage at Devon was another great opportunity to meet people and get our name, and the suppliers that we represent from Scandinavia and Finland, out to the general public. The weather was warm and clear almost every day for both shows and we appreciate both organizations and their willingness to let us in at the last minute. I am so thankful to God for this new venture and those who have been willing to help us get there- first, my husband, Sten, my parents and the families that cared for Annika. Then there are the family and friends on two continents who, not only encouraged us, but helped to design the logo and critique the website. I cannot forget to thank Shane DeVoe, of DeVoe Enterprises, who took time off of his business to move us in and out of the Devon Horse Show and even set up lighting (which was awesome)! Debut 1 at Devon Fall Classic would not have been so successful without Diana Walter. I really had no idea how to make the space look right and she is so talented! Everything was perfect, neat and inviting. When I asked her about helping with set-up she said, “I don’t do anything special I just play with it until it looks right.” My response was, “You play with it and it looks awesome, I play with it and things break”.

photoDebut2 Dressage at Devon (Debut 2)

While all the fun stuff was happening the web store was getting some visibility too, and we’ve been getting some great feed-back. Our friends at Svenska Skolan (Swedish School), which also happens to be in Devon, have been very supportive and our first customers on the web-store! It has been a pleasure packing up their orders to deliver on Wednesdays at class and a few extra things for others to purchase ‘on site’. One of the services we offer and plan to continue after a store front opens is a ‘Pick up in Store’ option so people who purchase locally can save on shipping costs. If you live in the area (or are passing through), let us know and, if possible, we will schedule a time and place for delivery.

Please enjoy our website, share what you like with friends and as always, we look forward your orders of the best that Scandinavia and Finland to offer.

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