Although I personally have an aversion to early Christmas advertising/decorating/promotion, there is snow on the ground this 14th of November so we might as well get ready. While there are some Autumn Tablecloths, Table Runners and Dish Towels still available, our Christmas inventory is in and available for your perusal and enjoyment.


Mina Tablecloth


Vinda table runner


Autumn Garden Dish Towel


Things have been a bit quiet since the September Horse Shows but that has given us time to improve the shopping experience on our website, increase our visibility on the web and spend time looking for the perfect location to open a physical store. We may have found on in Devon, PA, where we would like to be and hope to open in the Spring! Check back for future updates. This store will feature all of the products you see here on the website and an expanded candy and food shopping environment for all the Scandinavian and Finnish goods you cannot find in your local grocery store, and that is not being sold any more in that BIG, blue and yellow, Swedish store- you know the one I’m talking about.

As mentioned at the start- Christmas is almost here and the shopping season is about to begin. We will be at the St. Lucia Festival at Old Swede Church (Gloria Dei Episcopal) in Philadelphia, PA on Dec. 5, 6 & 7 before and after all eight performances. This is a big event for the church and for all Swedes living on this side of the ocean. St. Lucia is celebrated heavily in Sweden and her day is Dec. 13. The services are particularly beautiful and you are all invited to join this joyous occasion. Reservations are encouraged as the church is small and this is a popular event. Please go to their website and order your tickets before Nov. 25th.

Of Course, please do this after you finish shopping here. We are delighted to be accepted as a vendor at the Lucia Fest this year and expect that we will be quite busy. If there is something that you especially like you might want to purchase it before Dec. 5th to guarantee that you have the items you love the best. We can arrange for ‘pick up in store’ if you are planning to attend the Lucia Fest this year.

Here are some items that I think will be very popular this Christmas:


Dish Cloths




Table Runners


Dish Towels



There will also be a wide array of popular food items available such as Julmust (Christmas Soda), Marabou Chocolates, Knäckebröd (crispbread), Saft (juice concentrates), Marzipan confections and so much more. See you there!


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