About Scandaffären

Hej! (Hello!)

Thank you for visiting us! We hope you have a wonderful experience shopping and that we will develop a lasting relationship providing you with tasty treats, fine goods and quality crafts from Scandinavia.

At Scandaffären we see the need to bring the best of Scandinavia to the Philadelphia area and beyond. Nordic people have developed some of the tastiest confectionaries. By encouraging hand-crafting in wood, metal, glass ceramics and textiles through their education system, the Nordic peoples have sustained a special quality that cannot be surpassed by mass produced items we find in most of our stores today. Mass produced items, while inexpensive, often disappoint us in their quality and durability.

We are pleased to offer only the best of Scandinavia, ‘made in Scandinavia’, for your pleasure; be it tasting, seeing or touching. Please enjoy exploring our site and finding special items to satisfy your cravings and beautify your home or someone else’s. We will update everyone when our physical store is open and hope to see you all there!